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Debate Mate Cup UDL – Winners.

The days’ events, told by Shade, Kay-Kay, Paris and Sipho

“As we entered Goldsmiths University it was amazing getting ready for the fist round. We had to huddle together to plan the right moves. As we were sitting down everyone was nervous because this was a prepared motion called: This house would make community service compulsory over the holidays for the age of 9-11’”.

Paris Yr 6

The first debate:

‘Nerves were high but that didn’t stop our focus. This prepared debate was important. Kay-Kay the fist speaker, Sipho the second and I, Shade as the third and Paris the summary speaker, we pushed through and debated our hearts out. Our first competitor, Rotherhithe, were good but fortunately we won the first debate”.

Shade’ Yr 6

“The feedback from judges Milly and Lawrence really helped us to improve our language and content for the next debate”.

Paris Yr 6

The second debate:

“In the second debate our motion was to introduce a 4 day school week. We were debating against Tidemill Academy who were a very good side, however, we showed we were even stronger. The outcome was only going to be announced once we were all back in the main hall. We were all nervous for what was to come and that’s when it happened… “

Kay-Kay Yr6

The results:

“As anxiety spread the room each school could only hope that they were the chosen finalists. After a drum role we found out that Curwen received 142 points and we come in with 138 putting us in finals too. We were so overjoyed. Both teams had to then make their way down and find out what the motion would be for the final debate. The motion was: This house would fine individuals who don’t recycle. We were given only 5 minutes to prepare. Happy yet nervous both teams were ready for their debate. Both teams had passion however we were stronger once again and we won. We couldn’t believe it, this was an experience that we will never forget”

Sipho Yr 6

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