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Refugee Week at Rathfern

To mark the 20 years of Refugee Week, Rathfern took part in activities that celebrate the contribution of refugees and promote the understanding of why refugees seek refuge.

Some of the activities were:

Year 6 :

Had a debate focusing on key questions such as: What is a refugee? How do you become a refugee? If you loose your home in a hurricane, are you a refugee? How can we help refuges? They then created posters to reinforce their understanding.

Music lessons:

Children learnt and sang a song about refuge by Howard Goodall.

Year 1: Wrote acrostic poems about Refugees

Refugees have no home

Everyone needs a home

Fear is not fair.

Upset and no home.

Get some help.

Everyone matters.

Everyone is not leaving his or her home.

Some people not all leave their home.

By Minnie and Ibrahim


Ms Lundie read the book ‘Stepping Stones’ to the children that was all about a refugee family’s journey. The story was told through the stunning stone images by a Syrian artist Nizar Ali Badr.

By Pippa

Year 3: Wrote poems

Article 22 (Refugee children):

Children have the right to special protection and help if they are refugees (if they have been forced to leave their home and live in another country), as well as all the rights in this Convention.

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