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Pitch Outcome – Congratulations!!!

We are pleased to announce that the Community Ambassadors Homeless Project has been granted the funding that they pitched for at City Hall.

The pupils are delighted to get this project started and with the funding will now start the process. The first stage will be to use the allocated funds to package together a care pack for 80 homeless people. Each care pack includes a sleeping bag, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, sock and a comb. These care packs will be delivered to the 999 Club Homeless Charity in Deptford by the end of January after which we will start the next stage.

The Community Ambassadors are passionate about this project and will be working on various activities to support the Homeless throughout the year. Watch this space for updates.

Homeless people are human beings, where is our humanity?

Article 27: Everyone has the right to food and a safe place to live.

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