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Debate Mate – Summary of the year

By Melita and Matilda Year 6

On Monday, Rathfern debaters competed in the final of the Primary Urban Debating League. The top 10 teams nationally competed against each other and we proudly placed 5th. Debate Mate is an amazing debating programme that is lead by mentors by the company.  It is also lead by Mrs Henderson-Vieira and Mr Ellington. In our time at the programme, we have learnt to argue for and against motions such as: This house would punish celebrities more harshly than ordinary people for their crimes.  It has been a successful year, not only have we place 5th nationally but we have come first in the London League and runners up in the Primary Cup. The last year has been filled with wonderful opportunities and memories and I hope to continue with Debate Mate in secondary school.


This year in Debate Mate has been amazing. As well as winning the London UDL we have placed in the top ten of the country. It has been an extraordinary experience and I will never forget this experience. I want to thank Mr Ellington and Mrs Henderson-Vieira for the opportunity.

Article 12: You have a right to your opinion and to be taken seriously.

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