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Debate Mate Launch

On Tuesday the 5th November the Rathfern debaters attended the 2019 Debate Mate Launch Event at the Emanuel Centre in Westminster. The children had the opportunity to see and be part of a showcase debate. They are now ready to start and are looking forward to taking part in the UDL league and Cup events, competing against 250 other schools around the country.

Reflections from Cara – Year 6

“On the 5th November 2019, we attended the Debate Mate launch. When we arrived we were given wristbands and went into a big hall with rows of seats. We where then introduced to a showcase debate. A group of people were split into tow teams and debated the motion: Children should be allowed to choose their own subjects at school. There were two teams called opposition and proposition. After seeing that debate I am looking forward to practising and going to competitions”.

UNCRC article 13: Right to voice and to express ourselves


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