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School Trees Project

Rathfern Primary, Street Trees for Living (STFL) and our neighbours have worked together to create a tree-lined street on Rathfern Road. It has been a wonderful experience to work with our neighbours on this incentive as a community project. We have secured the cost of 8 trees from the generous sponsorship from neighbours and local businesses. These trees were delivered and planted over the weekend and will now be looked after by us as a community to help make our environment a greener, safer place for all.

According to STFL, these trees will help to reduce:

  • Toxic air mortality
  • Global warming
  • Crime
  • Road rage
  • The risk of flooding
  • Speeding traffic

The trees will also help improve:

  • Mental and physical health
  • Biodiversity & wildlife
  • Health recovery rates
  • Work productivity
  • Shading & temperature regulation
  • Neighbourhood vigilance
  • Business profits

UNCRC 24: The right to a clean and safe environment.

SDG 15 Life on Land, SDG 13 Climate Action



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