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Visit to Parliament

On Wednesday 26th February Rathfern pupils were invited to visit Parliament. The children learnt about how the House of Commons and House of Lords contribute to the day-to-day workings of the UK Parliament.  They visited the Great Hall, House of Lords and many other rooms including the Queens private chamber.

“I enjoyed this trip because we learnt all kinds of things like the queen having a secret toilet and visited her huge private dressing room. I would recommend that everybody goes there” Khadijat Year 3.

“First we went on a train to London Bridge then took the underground to Westminster. We learned about the House of Lords, all the chairs were red. We learnt that the Westminster Great Hall was over 900 years old. Parts of the houses of Parliament were on fire in 1805 but they managed to save the Great Hall. We also learnt that in 1905 a group of men put gunpowder in the cellar that was going to set off during the state visit but the men were caught red handed. I enjoyed it when we went into the debating rooms, it had so many microphones and the queen’s chair was made out of pure gold” Keshikan Year 4

UNCRC article 12: The right to have an opinion and to be taken seriously

UNCRC article 28: The right to an education

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