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Sister, sister!

Sycamore class met their ‘sister’ class Maple (Year 1) to do some buddy reading! We delved into a range of books and asked them questions. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Same time next week? 🙂    

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Here we are!!


What started out as humble statistics lesson within Chinbrook class, turned into a real life experience…Y3 visited LEGOLAND Windsor last week and they had a blast! Their bravery and strength of heart was tested as they embarked on multiple rides throughout the day. The children were awarded with a ‘LEGO allowance’ to spend on a souvenir of choice, a well earned treat for all their fundraising efforts. The […]

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Sprinkle love, all around!

SUCCESS! Y3 launched their fundraising initiative this afternoon! We laid on a small spread that consisted of ice lollies and delicious Oreo bites – It was a SELL OUT!! Thank you so much for your support, we really appreciate it. Y3 children will also be on the stall next week. We’ve got more in store […]

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Would you like sprinkles with that?

Year 3 have been working hard! It all emerged from a statistics session earlier this year.. The year group are planning a trip to LEGOLAND Windsor. In order to do this, we will be fundraising to raise some funds towards the cause. Look at us hard at work preparing some of the treats for you […]

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Reception in absolute awe!

Science Extravaganza!!!

SCIENCE THINKING: What components make up a pint of blood? What is the secret ingredient that makes bubbles stretchy? How does blood travel around the body? What component transports oxygen around the body? The Science Museum visited us ahead of British Science Week! We had two interactive workshops for KS1 and KS2; these were Glorious Blood […]

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Practical and delicious!

Fancy some ketchup on your coins??

Guess what we did with napkins, dirty copper coins and a bottle of ketchup?! Well.. Chinbrook had a range of conjectures about what might occur during this investigation! We cleaned dirty copper coins until they were shiny and new again. The oxides on the coin were removed due the acetic acid within the ketchup. Who […]

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Chocolate rocks!!

Guess what we’ve been up to…? We have been using scrumptious materials to investigate how rocks are formed! Sedimentary rocks are formed with multiple layers of sediment compressed over time. Metamorphic rocks are put under constant heat and pressure which transforms them into different shapes. Finally, igneous rocks emerge from volcanoes which cools on the […]

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