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Stanley 5

Year 2 Investigate and Solve Riddles

Today, Year 2 became investigators as we went on an exciting mission to locate a new friend. When we walked inside the classroom, it was an absolute mess with carrots, hay and droppings everywhere! We were confused and didn’t know who had left them there. We decided to investigate further and stumbled upon an envelope […]

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Once upon a time…

The Queen was sewing by her window and as three drops of blood fell on her sewing, she said, “O, how I wish I had a daughter with skin as white as snow, cheeks as red as blood and hair as black as ebony”. Working collaboratively in groups as storytellers and performers, we retold the […]

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Victorian Experience

‘Last week when we came in, our classroom looked very different. I felt shocked! Where was the carpet? It had gone! We had to pick names at random from a pot. My name was Abigail. We started off with Arithmetic,  seated in rows of 4. Girls on one side and boys on the other – […]

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We explored microhabitats in the school grounds, recording our observations as we navigated our way around. We wanted to understand that most of the living things we observed live in these microhabitats because they are suited to them. These habitats provide for their basic needs. When we finished making our observations, we returned back to […]

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Rathfern Rainforest

Year 2 was once again enthralled by an amazing workshop led by Dave from Raptorxotics. We learnt about the habitat of animals that live in the rainforest from the Forest floor all the way up to the Emergent layer. We found out that most plants live up high in the treetops because the umbrella of […]

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Lights, Camel, Action!

Last week Year 1 and Year 2 put on a showstopper Nativity called ‘Lights, Camel, Action!’ The Bethlehem Broadcasting Company recorded a dazzling dance show to celebrate the special occasion of Jesus’ birth and the cast was jam-packed with nativity celebrities. There were exceptional performances from the children who shared this miraculous story with a new […]

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Performer Reflections

Year 2 wanted to share some of their reflections on learning their lines and performing on stage to a sea of people in the audience. Learning lines: ‘I used my imagination to draw pictures and wrote them out so that when I said my lines I could imagine them. – Kelvina ‘At home my brother […]

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Fire Project 1

Creative Projects

Children in Year 2 used their creative skills to make their projects at home. Take a moment to look at their unique, independent masterpieces and read about how they made them.    Boat “My mum helped me with my project. We made a boat with a cradle. I used cardboard paint, sticks and some paper. […]

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Theatre 7

Year 2 bring the Great Fire to Life!

Year 2 went back in time to 2 September 1666 in a theatre production of ‘The Great Fire of London.’ The children were greeted by Thomas Farriner and Samuel Pepys and embarked on a journey back in time to experience what life was like. The Rainbow Theatre company helped the children to re-enact the night […]

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Firefighters Visit Rathfern

Our topic this term is ‘The Great Fire of London’.  To support our learning, we had a surprise visit from Forest Hill Fire Services along with their fire engine. The team explained how fires are put out in the present in comparison to how different it was in 1666. We were shown the important equipment e.g. […]

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