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Making a cake

Last week, one of the children said, “Let’s make a cake on Tuesday!” Following this child’s idea, on Tuesday we set about mixing the ingredients.  We also talked about and planned what kinds of cake we would like to make in future. We were fascinated to watch the digital timer counting down how long it […]

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Happy New Year!

This week we have been singing and signing about the New Year.  We used paint dispensers and squeegees to create artwork for our 2019 calendars.  We were fascinated to see the marks we could make using this technique. We enjoyed singing the Months of the Year song and talking about when our birthdays are. Which […]

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We love books!

We talked about what we could see, on our journey to Catford Library. It was great to have so many books to choose from.   We loved the story session. Thank you to Lewisham’s library service for our new library cards.  

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Someone’s been eating my porridge…

We have been learning the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We used the words large, medium and small to describe the size of Daddy bear, Mummy bear and Baby bear. We enjoyed making biscuits using porridge dough.  We compared the sizes of our biscuits and counted how many we had made. How many small […]

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Whatever the weather…

We enjoyed playing in the rain showers. First, we made long-handled nets to catch ducks from the massive muddy puddle. How many dots altogether? Next, we used the rainwater to mix colours, using the palette paints. Whatever the weather, outside is the place to be!

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Robot writing

We were visited by PJ Robot, who taught us how to write like a robot. Start at the top, and move your hand down! Drawing lines with our dance scarves makes our writing hands stronger. “I’m strong!” Why not put some music on and do the robot dance at home!  

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