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Family Portraits

In year one we have been learning about our community and the people around us. We have made our own family portraits out of wooden frames and pictures. We used our learning attributes to help us put our best effort into the frames.

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The Funky Fairy

We were lucky enough to take part in a fairytales workshop with the funky fairy. The children were all really engaged and loved the workshop! Here are some of their reflections…..’I liked it when she took us to the fairy princess castle’- Ailsa Reception ‘I liked it when the queen ran away because we ate the pie’- Andreas […]

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Come and See Anansi….

  The Bigfoot Theatre company visited year 1 and performed ‘Come and See Anansi’. Adrian was fantastic and we had great fun watching his performance at the beginning of the day. In the afternoon we were lucky enough to have class workshops with Adrian and we learnt about being a performer and using tableaux’s to […]

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Year 1 Tour of Lewisham

On the 19th September Year 1 visited Lewisham as part of their geographical theme ‘Who we are and where we live’. We had a great day exploring our local community and the services on offer. We started our tour on the 185 bus and excitedly drove through Catford, identifying many familiar landmarks. When we arrived […]

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Year 1 visit to the V & A

Year 1 visited the V and A museum. We started the day by boarding a double decker bus into London. We were all really excited and used our previous knowledge to identify key London landmarks we went past. When we arrived we went to the theatre and performance exhibition where we sketched and tried on […]

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Cooking Workshops

Our theme this term has been ‘Food for thought’. We have been lucky enough to have a range of parent volunteers, who have delivered workshops teaching us how to cook food from around the globe. We have also had the opportunity to taste food from different cultures including; Chinese, Indian, Lebanese and Caribbean. We have […]

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Year 1 Gymnastics – Points and Patches

Year 1, have just completed their gymnastics topic of Points and Patches. Children are confident in distinguishing between the two, and have been experimenting with different ways that they are able to balance, travel and spin on range points and patches on their bodies. Take a look at some of the fantastic ways in which […]

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Mirror – Global Learning

As part of global learning week we have been reading the story Mirror by Jeannie Baker. The book has two contrasting stories in one although the stories link with the Moroccan family making a rug in their story, which is then bought by the Australian family in their story. In year one we have created […]

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Moroccan CousCous

Cooking a Moroccan Couscous dish

In preparation for the Global Learning Café and linked to our Global learning text ‘Mirror’ by Jeannie Baker, Year 1 prepared a Moroccan Couscous dish. The main ingredients were couscous, cucumber, red onion, garlic, lemon juice, all purpose herbs, sultanas and black pepper. We worked collaboratively to finely chop the ingredients and mix them together. The dish was delicious […]

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V&A Museum

Year 1 visited the V&A Museum last week. We enjoyed looking at a range of exhibitions including jewellery, theatre costumes and fashion. We all had sketchbooks and drew different artefacts. It was a great day, but our favourite part was trying on the different costumes and acting out the role of the character whom the […]

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