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The Funky Fairy

We were lucky enough to take part in a fairytales workshop with the funky fairy. The children were all really engaged and loved the workshop! Here are some of their reflections…..’I liked it when she took us to the fairy princess castle’- Ailsa Reception ‘I liked it when the queen ran away because we ate the pie’- Andreas […]

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Rainforest creatures visit Year 2

As part of our Year 2 topic ‘Saving the Rainforest’ the we had a visit from Dave from Raptorxotics to see a variety of exotic and wonderful creatures. We got to meet some beautiful creatures such as a leech, a giant stick insect, giant snails, gekos and even a small owl. Dave told us about the […]

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Fire! Fire! Exhibition

Year 2 went to visit the Fire! Fire! Exhibition at the Museum of London. It was our first trip on the train, which was very exciting. We saw an amazing map that showed how the fire spread across London – it was shaped like a loaf of bread. We tried lots of firefighting equipment from […]

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Great Fire 113

The Great Fire of London

Year 2 went back in time to 2 September 1666 in a theatre production of ‘The Great Fire.’ The children were greeted by Samuel Pepys and embarked on a journey back in time to the 16th century to experience what life was like. The Rainbow Company orchestrated a sensational masterpiece performance by guiding each child […]

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Year 2 visit the Wide Horizons Environment Centre

Year 2 went on a school trip to the Wide Horizons Environment Centre. We learnt to read a map as we navigated our way around the site using a compass to locate all of the Gruffalo characters from the story. Amy and Jannus taught us how to memorise the directions North, South, East and West with […]

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Year 2 host a Teddy Bear Picnic

Year 2 explored the text ‘Cheer up your Teddy Bear Emily Brown’ by Cressida Cowell in English. Emily Brown held a Teddy Bear’s picnic to cheer up the Tearful Teddy Bear! We all brought our excited teddy bears into the hall where there was a delicious French picnic! We tried mouth-watering croissants and tasty brioche. […]

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Rainforest creatures visit Year 2

As part of our Year 2 topic ‘Saving the Rainforest’ the children had a visit from Dave from Raptorxotics to see a variety of exotic and wonderful creatures. It felt like a whirlwind as they got to meet beautiful creatures such as leeches, amphibians, millipedes, giant snails, lizards, snakes, giant stick insects, scorpions, spiders and even a […]

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London Philharmonic Orchestra Royal Festival Hall

Year 2 went on a very exciting school trip to the Royal Festival Hall. We had learnt a musical about a cat called Scratch. The Royal Festival orchestra were amazing and exposed us to a range of musical instruments that we were able to recognise from our music sessions in preparation for this event. We […]

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Spending money in the Rainforest Shop

As part of our Saving the Rainforest topic, we went to the Rainforest Shop. We had the budget of £1 and needed to spend it on a range of resources to help us build and create our own rainforest character that we had described in English. We calculated the cost of all the resources we […]

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Punch and Judy show

Year 2 designed and created our own Punch and Judy puppets as part of our topic on the Victorians. We worked collaboratively in pairs to write our own play script involving comedy and a brand new puppet that had to represent the characteristics of our learning attributes. With our partner we performed our play in […]

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