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Art Attack!

This week in year 2, children explored a range of techniques in Art.  The children used different methods and materials like mono printing, sketching, wire, fabric and painting to draw their Lichens – which can be found on trees in the rainforest. The children explored different images of Lichens by focusing on colour, shapes and […]

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Bar Models

This week children solved word problems and represented the information using a bar model.  The children worked collaboratively with their peers, making links to their prior learning of place value, tens and ones. The worked collaboratively to solve word problems using their mental strategies. They used concrete manipulatives and strips of coloured paper to solve […]

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Back in Time to 1666

Year 2 went back in time to 1666 to the Great Fire of London. They took on roles of different characters and performed alongside key historical figures to bring this event to life! A smoke machine was used to enhance the atmosphere as the children put on a showstopping performance! The children had to learn their lines […]

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Flying with the Royal Philhamonic Orchestra

Today we went to the Royal Festival Hall to follow the adventures of the eager but accident-prone young dragon called ‘Zog’, as he goes through his years at Dragon school perfecting his craft. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra performed the music to his adventures on stage. The conductor led the orchestra on a musical extravaganza! “My […]

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Hearing Sounds – Left or Right?

In Science we used our sense of hearing to listen to the sounds around us. We went into the playground to listen to and note down the sounds that we could hear and the source (where it came from). We could hear the gates closing, children laughing, cars passing by and aeroplane engines. We then […]

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Tearful 3

Teddy Bear Picnic

At the end of last term in English we wrote diary entries in role as the Tearful Teddy Bear. We used role play to immerse ourselves into the emotions of the bear who was feeling lonely and blue.   We also sang the tearful teddy’s song: ‘Po-o-o-o-or me… po-o-o-o-or ME… Poor little sad little wet little […]

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We have been using our geographical skills to locate the 7 continents. We worked collaboratively to use an atlas to find countries that are within these continents. This week we looked at the United Kingdom and developed our knowledge of the countries in the British Isles and their capital cities. Star words that we have […]

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Navigating around Ladywell Fields

Last week, we went on a Geography trip to Ladywell Fields. We found our starting point on a map using the key provided, and used the compass to navigate our way around the park. Along the way we picked up leaves, feathers and twigs. We then stuck them onto the Gruffalo’s tummy. When we got […]

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Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 23.04.18

Year 2 Gymnastics – Body Parts High & Low

Year 2 have made a great start to their first Gymnastics unit of the academic Year – Body Parts High and Low. In today’s lesson we used a range of apparatus to support us in making our bodies high or low. Children were challenged to experiment and use the apparatus in ways that they haven’t before. […]

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