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Practical and delicious!

Fancy some ketchup on your coins??

Guess what we did with napkins, dirty copper coins and a bottle of ketchup?! Well.. Chinbrook had a range of conjectures about what might occur during this investigation! We cleaned dirty copper coins until they were shiny and new again. The oxides on the coin were removed due the acetic acid within the ketchup. Who […]

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New Age Kurling Competition 22/01/19

Well done to the Year 3/4 New Age Kurling team who participated brilliantly at the Lewisham Borough competition. We competed against 11 other teams from Lewisham schools in a sport that most of us hadn’t played before. The game required us to control the speed and direction of the Kurling stone with the aim of […]

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Chocolate rocks!!

Guess what we’ve been up to…? We have been using scrumptious materials to investigate how rocks are formed! Sedimentary rocks are formed with multiple layers of sediment compressed over time. Metamorphic rocks are put under constant heat and pressure which transforms them into different shapes. Finally, igneous rocks emerge from volcanoes which cools on the […]

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Natural History Museum

On Tuesday 15th January, Year 3 visited the Natural History Museum as part of our Geography topic, The Power of Nature. We explored the Volcanoes and Earthquake exhibition and had opportunities to experience seeing dramatic film footage, exhibits, interactive games and the famous earthquake simulator. Our trip has deepened our understanding of how the powers […]

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Walk like an Egyptian

This week, Year 3 visited the British Museum! Did you know that the British Museum holds the largest collection of Egyptian objects outside Egypt? We observed and sketched various Egyptian artefacts; We’ve learnt so much! Our highlights include the Rosetta Stone, a 5,000 year old sand-dried mummy and beautifully designed sarcophagi. Take a look at […]

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4th Place Position Achieved @ Sports Hall Athletics Finals! 13/11/18

Congratulations to our Year 3&4 Athletics Squad who came 3rd place at the Sports Hall Athletics Lewisham Borough morning competition! A squad of 18 children participated in the competition on Tuesday the 13th of November at Prendergast Ladywell School. The results from our morning competition were merged with the results from the afternoon competition, revealing […]

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