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Exploring Ancient Egypt

Year 3 went on a trip to the British Museum to find out more about our learning on life in Ancient Egypt! We were pleased to discover in depth how people were mummified! The Egyptians believed in life after death. They believed that they had to preserve their bodies so they could use them in […]

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Let there be light!

Year 3’s topic this term is Light and shadow. We have been investigating various materials to find out whether they were translucent, transparent or opaque. Here we are making plausible predictions about the properties of the materials before we tested them. I wonder what scientific skills were applied within this lesson…   

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Plastic Fish

Year 3 have been looking at SDG 14 (Life below water) in their art lessons. We learnt about the effect of overfishing and plastic pollution on our oceans. We designed our fish thinking about the colours and types of plastic we would need to collect. We worked in groups to cut and layer the plastic […]

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Rock Detectives!

Year 3 became rock detectives as they put a range of rocks to the test! We tested for the following: Floatability Permeability Hardness Magnetism Acidity   We recorded our observations through reflective discussions. Did you know that sedimentary rocks are usually a lot softer than igneous and metamorphic rocks?  

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Sister, sister!

Sycamore class met their ‘sister’ class Maple (Year 1) to do some buddy reading! We delved into a range of books and asked them questions. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Same time next week? 🙂    

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Year 3 Gymnastics – Stretching, Curling & Arching

In today’s lesson, Year 3 practiced stretching our bodies to make them as extended, narrow and tall as we possible could. Children were challenged to find methods of travelling while staying in this extended, narrow and tall shape. We used the trampoline, climbing frame, sloped bench and rings to further challenge us in maintaining our […]

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Here we are!!


What started out as humble statistics lesson within Chinbrook class, turned into a real life experience…Y3 visited LEGOLAND Windsor last week and they had a blast! Their bravery and strength of heart was tested as they embarked on multiple rides throughout the day. The children were awarded with a ‘LEGO allowance’ to spend on a souvenir of choice, a well earned treat for all their fundraising efforts. The […]

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