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Anti-Bullying Week Movement Project – 12th-16th November 2018

Last week was Anti-Bullying Week. Anti-Bullying Week presents a great opportunity to reinforce messages about how our school approaches bullying, and for children to develop a deeper understanding of what the term ‘bullying’ really means. Children wore their pyjamas to school on ‘Friendship Friday’ as a demonstration or their awareness and support. In PE Year 4 […]

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4th Place Position Achieved @ Sports Hall Athletics Finals! 13/11/18

Congratulations to our Year 3&4 Athletics Squad who came 3rd place at the Sports Hall Athletics Lewisham Borough morning competition! A squad of 18 children participated in the competition on Tuesday the 13th of November at Prendergast Ladywell School. The results from our morning competition were merged with the results from the afternoon competition, revealing […]

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UK’s one and only Maya archaeologist visits Rathfern

OnWednesday 26thSeptember 2018, Year 4 had a special visit from Dr Diane Davies, a working Maya archaeologist. We found out that she isn’t just a Maya Archaeologist, but the ONLY archaeologist in the United Kingdom to specialize in the Ancient Maya Civilization. Both classes had a 90-minute presentation where Dr Diane Davies spoke about her life […]

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Festival of Remembrance

Festival of Remembrance Sunday 11th November 2018, marks 100 years since the end of World War One. In response to this important day of remembrance, the community of Catford are coming together to showcase a celebratory afternoon full of music, readings and performances, to remember the lives lost. Year 4 Beckenham class have worked closely with […]

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Year 4 Gymnastics – Stretching Curling and Arching

Year 4 have been exploring Stretching, Curling and Arching in Gymnastics. Today we used some of the shapes and balances that we had practiced on the mats, and tried to find ways that we could perform them on the apparatus. To further extend our learning, we linked a stretched, curled and arched shaped together using linking […]

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Year 4 High 5 Netball Festival 16/10/18

On Tuesday the 16th of October a group of nine Year 4 children attended a High 5 Netball Festival at Sydenham High School.  It was very exciting visiting a school with great sport facilities, and meeting other children who are interested in Netball from other local primary schools. The team rotated around three learning stations […]

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Rain Player

In Year 4, we are reading the story Rain Player, written by David Wisniewski. A boy named Pik challenges Chac, the god of rain, to a game of Pok-a-Tok, a cross between soccer and basketball, in order to avert a foretold drought that would devastate his people. Pik’s father gives him three talismans to help in […]

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States of Matter

In Science, Year 4 have been learning about States of Matter. We started off  by sorting different materials into solids, liquids and gases, using our prior knowledge to help us.    We learnt that the position and behaviour of the particles are different in solids, liquids and gases. To make our learning exciting, we got the […]

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Introducing the Ancient Maya

Our topic this half term is Ancient Maya.   We introduced the topic by sharing what we know and discussed questions that we want to find out. We then looked at pictures of different Ancient Maya artefacts and used our inference skills to make predictions about the Ancient Maya Civilization.      

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Year 4 Visit the Bank of England!

On Monday 20th March, Year 4 visited the Bank of England in central London. We took a train to Lewisham and then the DLR to Bank. After a short stroll we arrived at the Bank of England. Inside we learnt bout the history of money, when the bank was built and we got to play some […]

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