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Year 6 Gymnastics 25/01/19

Year 6 have been exploring the apparatus are are building a bank of movement ideas for their next topic. Children have been learning about matching and contrasting body shapes with their peers. They will now start to experiment with different relationship dynamics such as synchronisation and canon, and use these to develop interesting paired sequences […]

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Restorative Justice Training

This term, year 6 have received restorative justice training from a former head teacher, who specialises in behaviour management. The training allowed children to discuss strategies on how to handle confrontation/problems in the playground effectively. The children also explored how different perspectives can effect how people recount an incident. The training finished with the children designing […]

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Horniman Museum Trip – Ancient Benin

On Thursday 17th and Friday 18th January, Year 6 visited the Horniman Museum in Forest Hill. Each class had a chance to handle replicas of historical artefacts that could help us understand more about the ancient Kingdom of Benin. The children learnt how brass plaques would have been made and the skill that was required […]

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Greek newspaper

Breaking news!

Year 6 are currently learning about newspaper and recount writing. We will eventually write a newspaper report on Hercules’ defeat of the mighty Nemean Lion. To support your child’s learning, you can read newspapers with your child and discuss the various newspaper features such as: headlines, captions, lead paragraphs, etc. You might also discuss how journalists […]

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Burning Icarus’s wings

As part of our Ancient Greeks topic, Year 6 have been studying the myth of Icarus and Daedalus. Having written a diary entry from the perspective of Daedalus last week, the pupils wrote an instructional text for constructing Icarus’s famed wings. This week, they got the opportunity to build the wings as part of a […]

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Year 6 trip to The British Museum

On Monday 29th October, Year 6 visited the the British Museum. The children explored the Ancient Greek galleries and examined the various different artefacts. The children looked at how the Greeks used paintings on pottery to tell stories or to show what daily life was like in Ancient Greece. The children then attended a presentation […]

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It’s Time to Come Home

After an incredible week full of challenges, new experiences and laughs, it was time for us to come home.    ‘Not even the most beautiful place on Earth can beat it!’ – Bobbi-Rose ‘My favourite memory was learning about our ancestors struggle to survive.’   – Elani           ‘What a fun, adventurous time!’ […]

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