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Mobile application for Rathfern Primary School, lewisham

ALERT: Version 2.1 Update for GDPR compliance

Version 2 of our mobile app was released on 8th January 2018. The app was further updated on 16th May 2018 to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Parents who had download the app prior to 16th May 2018 should download the latest version. They will then need to follow a simple validation process to accept the terms of the app and validate their accounts, to ensure we are compliant with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The Validation Process

After downloading the latest version (Apple App Store (v2.1+) or Google Play (Android v2.0.12+)) and opening the App, you will be asked to search for and select your school

  1. Tap ‘Sign In’
  2. Enter the Email address you used to originally set-up your mySchoolApp account
  3. Enter the PIN you created at registration. If you’ve forgotten it please see below
  4. Please read and confirm you are happy to accept our App Terms of use and Privacy Policy statement
  5. Check your Email and confirm your account by hitting the ‘Activate Account’ button in the Email our system sends you
  6. Open the app and ‘Sign In’
  7. That’s it, you’re all set-up!

If you experience any issues, please refer to the support site documentation.

Delivered by Pylon Design using the ‘mySchoolApp’ platform, it is FREE for you to download and is part of our commitment to engage and communicate with parents and carers, delivering the school’s latest news, events, push notifications and much, much more.

Download on the iOS App Store
Get it on Google Play

The app can be used on smartphones and tablet devices running iOS or Android, and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play using the buttons above.

What are the benefits to me as a Parent?

  • Instant access to an up-to-date school calendar. Any events that are relevant to you, can also be added to your own calendar with one tap on the screen.
  • Keep up to date with what is happening at the school. Read news items as soon as they are published on our website.
  • Push notifications, sent by the school, let you know important alerts as well as helpful reminders (e.g. snow days, school trip delayed in traffic, mufti days etc.)
  • Report your child’s absence to the school on the app. No more trying to get through to the school on the phone, first thing in the morning
  • Swipe through the school image galleries.
  • Direct contact details and links to the school – one touch dialling / email
  • Quick access to newsletters, letters, documents and school policies
  • Share in-app information via social media
  • Available in 70 languages

What does it do?

I’ve never used it – how do I get it?

1: Download the App

Download on the iOS App Store
Get it on Google Play

mySchoolApp tile

How the app looks in store

The first step is to get mySchoolApp on your phone or tablet. The easiest way is to click/touch one of the button links above, depending on your phone’s software.

Alternatively, use your phone to search on the Apple App Store or Google Play (Android) for ‘mySchoolApp’. It’s the one with the stickman on a multicoloured app tile. Once you have mySchoolApp on your device there are just a few things you need to do, to ensure you get the most from the app.

2 Login into the school

Launch the App and on the initial screen, start to enter our school name. When you have entered a few letters, the app will give you some suggestions. Tap on the ‘Rathfern Primary School’ and tap ‘Sign In‘. You only have to do this once as mySchoolApp will remember your our school automatically in future.

3 Registration

When you have selected our school, you will be required to enter your details. This is a ‘once only’ form and enables the app to identify you to the school. We also request you create a PIN, which is private. This will be used when you need to submit an absence notification via the app, ensuring only you can use this feature.

4 App settings

From the app menu, select Settings. In this area you can…

  • update your details
  • add additional schools (which use mySchoolApp)
  • subscribe to Notification Groups (Year Group(s) & Class(es))
  • select the language you would prefer to read app content in

5 Push Notifications

Mobile App Push NotificationPush notifications enable the school to notify you of messages or events without the need for you to open the app. It is highly recommended that you choose to accept push notifications from mySchoolApp, to ensure that you receive important communications, such as a school closure due to snow or school trips affected by traffic delays.

We have created Year and Class notification groups that you will see in Settings. Simply opt in to the relevant notification groups, to receive notifications from the Year and Class groups which are relevant to you and your children. This function and your opting in enables the school to send you notifications about specific year groups or classes.

Problem? Visit the App Support Site
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