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View from London Eye

London Eye visit

On the 27th September, Lauren Child and Angela Barrett Class went on a trip to the London Eye to investigate what happened to Salim (a character from our book). We each had a notebook and pencil and acted as detectives to work out what happened to him. When we were on the London Eye, people […]

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Aberaeron Quay

Year 6 school trip to Aberaeron

We arrived at Aberaeron after a long seven hour or more coach journey. A long but worthwhile journey as we had one of the most adventurous experiences of our lives. One of the things we did on school journey was a visit to The National Trust Mansion. On our journey to the mansion, we walked and […]

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Roger Federer class visit the British Museum

The first thing that caught our eye was the stunning museum itself, when we entered the building, we were inspired by the ancient statues. We went on an Olympic trail around the museum and learnt that they received laurel wreath crowns instead of medals and champions had pots and statutes made with an identical figure on […]

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kensington gardens

Our trip to Kensington Gardens

On the 25th of May, Lewis Hamilton class visited Kensington Gardens. This half term our literacy unit has been based around J. M. Barrie’s “Peter Pan” so we thought we would visit the place where this story was imagined. There, we visited the Peter Pan statue and discovered the true story that lies beneath the […]

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