Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 page. Here you will find our latest learning and news posts, dates of our upcoming trips and experiences and the latest letters for our year group.

Our Year 5 curriculum is underpinned by the framework and aims of the Global Learning and Rights Respecting Programme. Through our exciting themes we consider questions such as ‘What is power?’, ‘Why is democracy important?’ and ‘Why do people invade other countries?’.

Our current themes are…

The Changing Power of British Monarchs, European Legacy – The Greeks, Disasters, The Apollo Mission, Invaded Britain – Vikings and Saxons and The Great British Empire.

Year 5 Recent News

Year 5 Staff

David Fielding

Teacher & Team Lead

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Paige Zulver


Rachel Waddoups


Ayo John

Teaching Assistant

Beryl William

Teaching Assistant

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Catherine Chambers

Teaching Assistant

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