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Aberaeron Quay

Year 6 school trip to Aberaeron

We arrived at Aberaeron after a long seven hour or more coach journey. A long but worthwhile journey as we had one of the most adventurous experiences of our lives. One of the things we did on school journey was a visit to The National Trust Mansion.

On our journey to the mansion, we walked and walked, saw and learnt a lot about nature. We passed a man’s house who was a collector and never threw anything away. There were shoes, rusting cars, batteries, tins and much more. When we finally arrived at the mansion, we were amazed at how big it was and the qualities of the house and what they used to live with or own.

The last room we went to was a larder and it was freezing. We then went and looked around the farm and milked a cow (plastic). Joshua found it quite fun to chase the chickens around the courtyard. The pigs were also pretty amazing with two being active and one being lazy. We then went to sit by the lake and ate our lunch.

Report by Latia Corion and Sharona Riedewald

Last week Monday, most of Year 6 went on School Journey. We went to Aberaeron in Wales and we had a truly memorable experience. The highlight of our week was when we went crabbing in Aberaeron. We had to coax them in with bacon. Unfortunately we did not catch any crabs, but the experience was mesmerising.

In addition, we also went to the National Fund Trust Mansion, where we learnt about a man’s house 100 years ago. Subsequently, we were told that we were the best school ever and we believe we are. Also, we learnt about farming and got to collect eggs.

It was such a learning-packed week!

Report by Elize Ashie and Benjamin Henry


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