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The Bog Baby

Bog Babies

Hi Parents and Carers,


This week we have been reading ‘The Bog Baby’ by Jeanne Willis. Have a look at her webpage by clicking on the link, she is a fantastic author.

Our favourite learning this week was when we made Bog Baby habitats in tiny cardboard boxes using tissue paper, glitter, foil, cotton wool and cardboard. We worked in pairs and wrote descriptive adjectives on little bits of card to tuck in to the boxes for people to find!

We made our very own special little Bog Babies out of blue plasticine using the descriptions in the book. In Literacy we wrote our own stories all about our adventures with our Bog Baby! They were really exciting. Feel free to come and visit us in class to have a read.

In Science, we thought about how sounds in the city are different to those in the countryside. We went on a listening walk, and made charts to compare London sounds with sounds in the magic pond in Bluebell Wood (where the Bog Baby lives).

We loved our Bog Babies very much but just like the children in the book, we realised we had to return them to their natural habitat – the pond in bluebell wood. We were sad but it was the best thing to do. Remember to look out for your own Bog Baby next time you’re in bluebell wood… you never know what adventures you might have!

I hope you enjoyed reading about our learning in our very first post.

Visit our blog again soon for more news on our exciting learning!

Lydia Monks Class

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