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Le Bistro de Dan Roro


On Wednesday 30th September 2015, 200 children from years 4, 5 and 6 gathered in the lower hall for ‘Le Bistro de Dan Roro’, by the one man ‘Compagnie Tête- à- Tête’. The audience was entertained for 75 minutes by the humorous yet educational production. It was centred around Dan Roro, an eccentric café owner who invited everyone to join him while he prepared his bistro for opening.

Memorable moments included laying tables and counting spinning plates (in French of course!), learning about English words that have been derived from French, preparing the meals (the menu consisted exclusively of omelettes and a delightful puppet called René who sang some lovely French songs for us all.

“It was confusing at first because he was speaking in French, but you could understand what he meant from his movements and facial expressions. It was like when you are reading a book and get to a word you don’t understand” – Cambridge class

“It was funny and we learned a lot of new words. They were easy because they were words that are the same in English and French, like “panic/panique” – York class

The production was almost entirely in French and it was highly interactive, with many opportunities for the audience to engage. The children learned many new words and expressions, were thoroughly entertained, and are now hopefully more confident and enthusiastic about the French language!

“I learned the word for restaurant in French, which is bistro. It was a good learning experience but it was challenging to understand some of his questions. I worked it out by looking at his actions and trying to see if it sounded the same in English.” – York class

“I thought it was funny, and I understood it because we had learned some of the words already. He pretended he forgot the English for some of the words so we had to help him, and that’s how we learned it in French.” – Exeter class

À la prochaine! (Until next time!)

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