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Reverend Margaret

Faith Assembly – Reverend Margaret visits Rathfern

We have invited different faith leaders to lead assemblies at Rathfern to talk about their faith, and to help our children to learn and respect the different religions in our community. At Rathfern we are keen to promote mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.

On Monday 24 November we had a visit from Reverend Margaret from Perry Vale Baptist Church. The Reverend held three assemblies where she spoke about: her key beliefs, what is special about her faith and how it relates to other faiths in our community. Reverend Margaret also sang a beautiful hymn to the children by Pamela Verrall called ‘Would you walk by on the other side’

The children were then given the opportunity to ask questions to explore and deepen their understanding. Here are some of the probing questions that our Rathfern children asked:

‘Is God in the present, past and the future?’ – Year 1 


Copper Cat (Curiosity)

‘Does he command the creation of a wave and it happens?’ – Year 2

‘If Jesus dies and is reborn, do we come back to life?’ – Year 3

‘If Jesus is a storyteller, did he give us the gift of storytelling?’ – Year 4

‘If we are to love our enemies, what about Isis?’ – Year 4

We ended our assemblies with our school proem.

The children went back to their classrooms where they reflected on what they had learnt about the Christian faith.


Ollie Owl (Reflection)

‘I learnt that God is invisible. I learnt that God made us. God can always see us. God is everywhere. He died when we have Easter.’ – Year 1

‘I learnt that God is everywhere and if he said let there be a universe, it would appear because he has special powers.’ – Year 2

‘In assembly I learnt that Christians pray to God whispering quietly saying sorry or saying they have been good. They think God is all around us when you can’t see him.’ – Year 2

‘I respect Christians because even though my family isn’t religious it made me think that Christian’s are really good people. No matter what, they know God will care for them, so they care for everyone else.’ – Year 4

‘I’m inspired because Christian’s believe in helping and caring for each other and that’s one of our Core Values.’ – Year 4

‘I think the assembly we had today was very powerful. It learnt to love each other even if they are your enemy.’ – Year 6

‘I learnt that you must always love people. It is said the Jesus came to Earth and died because he preached things that people did not want to hear so he was killed. He came back to life to show he was God. Even though I’m not Christian, I still respect it.’ – Year 6

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