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Creekside Environmental Centre

On Friday, Inverness class enjoyed a brilliant trip to the Creekside Environmental Centre in Deptford. Brenna, our guide, helped us to learn about the tides and rivers as well as the human and physical geography of the creek. In the morning we examined and investigated some of the objects that have been found in the creek, and how they help us to discover more about its history.
After lunch we donned waders, waterproof jackets and took sticks to steady ourselves as we waded through Deptford creek at low tide. We took part in a toy duck race to measure the speed and direction of the current and then used nets to examine some of the creatures that live in the clean water of the creek. We found gobi fish, leeches and lots of freshwater shrimp, all of which proves that the water in the creek is clean and healthy – though we would not want to drink it!
What a fantastic day we had, everyone was tired but happy when we returned to school. Thank you to the parents who helped by accompanying us on our visit.
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