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Lewisham Market

Year 2 went on a trip to Lewisham to visit the market, library and St Stephen’s Church as part of our geography study to compare London with the city of Cairo in Egypt.

First we walked through Lewisham market to smell all of the vibrant fruit and vegetables neatly stacked on the stalls. The children were amazed to see all of the variety of fruits and vegetables on sale from around the UK and the world. They even were excited to see a range of fish on ice that initially greeted them with their pungent smells. On the way the children were given a pound to purchase a fruit or vegetable of their choice to taste when we arrived back at school.

After visiting the market we visited the library where we heard a story from the librarian. The children eagerly awaited the opportunity to explore the library and get lost in books of their choice. We also ate our lunch in there, which was an interesting experience.

We finished off our trip at St Stephen’s Church where we found out about The Church of England faith and were able to ask Father Philip a range of questions about his role in the church. At the end we lit six candles for: Our school, our family, the world, the sick or elderly and ourselves.

On the following day we cut up our array of fruit and collaboratively made a fruit salad. It was a tasty experience to buy, prepare and eat our delicious fruit.

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