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Conveying anti-bullying messages through gymnastics movements

This week was anti-bullying week. Year 3 discussed how we can recognise bullying and explored the different forms of bullying that can take place. Children came up with ideas to stop any bullying that we feel might be taking place. We all agreed that it is vital not to let any type of bullying take place, and that we all have a responsibility to ensure this.

The children felt that we should find a way to make people more aware of bullying, and the importance  for us to take a stand and stop it happening. In our gymnastics lesson children came up with ways that we could convey this message through gymnastics movements.

Children displayed forms of physical bullying, isolation, and humiliation in their sequences, but also generated ideas to show how we may stop the bullying taking place through acts of kindness.

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At Rathfern we stand together to condemn the unlawful murder of an innocent black man, George Floyd, in Minneapolis.

We stand united in our commitment to tackle and challenge racism, address inequality and call out discrimination.