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Classroom 7

Ragged School Museum

Year 2 went to the Ragged School Museum. The children were transported to 150 years ago to the life of a little girl called Polly who came from a poor family and did not go to school. Her days of the week consisted of different chores allocated to each day of the week, a stark contrast to the children’s experience in the present. The children took part in a collaborative performance of her life within a week.

The children got to experience the strict environment of a Victorian classroom. They were first greeted by a teacher called Mrs Poole, who definitely looked the part and was extremely strict as she walked up and down the centre of the class with her cane checking the accuracy of the children’s handwriting and calculations. She even checked the cleanliness of their hands! Mrs Poole, when in role made the children jump at times in their seats when they were not following her precise instructions (including some of the adults).

Here are some quotes from some of the children in Year 2:

“My favourite part was when we were acting in the Victorian classroom because we had to copy the ABC in curly handwriting.”

“I liked it when I acted as Polly and had to clean clothes. It was really funny when I had to smell the disgusting soap.”

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