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Oxford class visit Houses of Parliament


Copper Cat (Curiosity)

The trip to Parliament was a trip that will stay with the children forever. When they arrived at Westminster, they were amazed to see Parliament right before their eyes. Before they started their tour the children watched a clip about how Parliament was made and how it got its name.

After that their tour started, and even though they did not get the opportunity to see many MP’s, the children still enjoyed being able to see a debate. The children also saw other famous landmarks, such as Big Ben and the London Eye along the way.

“Just seeing Parliament was a privilege. What I enjoyed the most was following the Queens footsteps. We were also lucky to visit the House of Commons.” – Oxford Year 6

“We went into the House of Lords! Can you believe it? Seeing the red leather in person was a dream and it felt like I was a Baroness! We also saw a real debate in the House of Commons.” – Oxford Year 6

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