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Gym Comp 1

Lewisham Borough Key Steps Gymnastics Competition

This year Rathfern were able to enter two teams into the Key Steps Gymnastics Competition – a year 3&4 and a year 5&6 team. The squad had been working very hard over the past few months learning challenging routines and dedicating their lunchtimes to their training.


Beatrice Bee (Effort)

The standard of gymnastics at the competition was very high, with many of the children at the competition training with clubs outside of school regularly. We felt very lucky and inspired to be part of such a fantastic event.

Our year 5&6 team came 3rd place and received Bronze medals! Our year 3&4 team just missed on Bronze coming in 4th position! Miss Sophie and everyone at Rathfern are incredibly proud of our gymnasts. We really do have some of the best gymnasts in the whole of the borough at our school!

The competition is split into 3 events, The Floor, Body Management and The vault. The year 5&6 team actually came 1st place in 2 out of the 3 events, the Floor and the Vault – what a huge achievement! The overall results were very close. Rathfern scored 98.6, just 0.5 points behind the Silver medalists with 99.1, and 0.7 points behind the winners with 99.3.

One of our gymnasts scored the highest score in the floor event out of everyone in the whole competition and received a special individual award. We are looking forward to sharing our routines with the children at school, and the tight results have really spurred us on for next year’s competition!

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