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School Journey – Naturesbase

Year 6 have arrived safely in Aberaeron and are now settling into their new home for the next few days. The children have already enjoyed a range of fun activities that have kept them extremely busy from our arrival at Naturesbase.

We first did orienteering where we had to locate stamps that were hidden around the farm. We worked collaboratively to complete the challenge as we crossed mini rivers and walked across beautiful fields.

Today we learnt about the Stone Age and found out how they used to be resourceful and live off the land. We made soap, necklaces, designed and carved our own marshmallow sticks and completed a range of challenging team building activities, where we had to work systematically against the clock.

We also walked around the village to get to know the area. It was lovely to meet and ask local people questions about their village.

Here are some quotes from the children about their experience so far:

“It has been great to learn about a different way of life without technology.”

“I have enjoyed eating the food because it reminds me of my mother’s food when I was younger.”

“I have enjoyed helping out on the farm and feeding the animals.”

“Life has never been any better after my experience so far at Naturesbase. I am looking forward to feeding the animals because I have never been around them before.” – Year 6

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