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Rainforest creatures visit Year 2

As part of our Year 2 topic ‘Saving the Rainforest’ the children had a visit from Dave from Raptorxotics to see a variety of exotic and wonderful creatures. It felt like a whirlwind as they got to meet beautiful creatures such as leeches, amphibians, millipedes, giant snails, lizards, snakes, giant stick insects, scorpions, spiders and even a small owl.

Dave told us about the harpey eagle whose feet are bigger than the size of his hand (the children were glad that he didn’t bring one of those to school). We saw a giant cockroach from Madagascar and learnt about the other scavengers like woodlice and centipedes that eat the rotten fruit often found on the forest floor.

The children were surprised to touch the giant spike stick insect and the slithery milk snake that felt cold and not at all slimy. The wow moment came when the chameleon came out and felt quite rough to touch, change colour before our very own eyes as it adapted to the temperature in the hall.

We also discussed the importance of the rainforests to animals and humans alike and the different layers of the rainforest. We got to see a real plant that lives amongst the trees 30 to 40 feet up. The children had an amazing experience and were brave, as some hesitantly touched the creatures.

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