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Year 3 No Pens Day!

No Pens Day encourages everyone involved to put down their pens for the day and take part in activities that develop speaking and listening skills.


On the 5th October, Year 3 celebrated ‘No Pens Day’ in Maths!

We had different maths activities set out on different tables.

We took part in money, timetables and time lotto, guess the shape on peg boards, five in a row using the giant hundred square, money bingo, money dominoes, tessellation, tangrams and lots more. We were given 10 minutes on each table and then we moved to a different station.  Ellie the Elephant, (Collaboration) helped us work together and engage with each other by listening carefully to one another and taking turns to communicate.

It is evident from our big smiles that we had lots of fun because everything was hands on and we really enjoyed communicating with each other.

“We should have no pens day every week” (Max, Year 3)

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