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Year 3 Vote For Leading Citizens

Congratulations to our leading citizens…

St James’s Park Class img_5816


“Now that I have been voted to be a leading citizen to represent the year 3 cohort, I will try my best to help and encourage everyone to be positive to one another and our environment. I will care and support younger children in our school to make sure they are safe and happy. I will listen to and  respect everyone, because at Rathfern, everyone matters! At playtimes, I will make sure I help and look after anyone who needs it, for example, if a child falls over, I will help and comfort them.”   Year 3 St James’s Park

“Now that I have been voted to be a leading citizen, I will always encourage my peers and everyone at Rathfern to make the right choices. I want to help and care for people because we are one big family. I will make sure that no one is bullying any one else because we do not accept bullying at Rathfern.  I will be there for everyone to make sure everyone is safe and happy.”  Year 3 St James’s Park

Wimbledon Park Class 


“Now that I am a leading citizen for year 3, I will continue to help and share with my peers during my learning time and play time. I am really kind and like helping others, so I believe I will be a good citizen to support other children when they need it. To me, Rathfern means family. We are one big family and I am so proud to be a part of this.”   Year 3 Wimbledon Park 


“Now that I am a leading citizen for year 3, I will care and look after anyone that is hurt or injured because we need to look out for each other. If I see children who look lonely or sad, I will approach them and ask if they are ok and why they are feeling lonely. I will try my best to try to cheer children up because everyone is entitled to have a happy education.” Year 3 Wimbledon Park 

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