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Fire! Fire! Exhibition

Year 2 went to visit the Fire! Fire! Exhibition at the Museum of London. It was our first trip on the train, which was very exciting. We saw an amazing map that showed how the fire spread across London – it was shaped like a loaf of bread. We tried lots of firefighting equipment from 1666.

We got to touch some of the artefacts and pretended to act out the fire with a replica hand squirt and fire hook. We saw damaged objects that survived the fire, such as a burnt bible and we even got to collaboratively rebuild London using a range of wooden blocks that represented the buildings. We found it interesting to learn more about where people went after the fire. They camped in fields outside the city and we experienced life in a tent; just like what the people of London had to camp in.

Quotes from the children:

“When we went into the Fire! Fire! Exhibition we saw silhouettes of people in their homes and they were screaming as they tried to escape from the fire. There was also a large piece of bread that had a map of London and we waited to see the fire slowly eat its way through London.” – Year 2

I enjoyed learning new facts about the fire by looking at a timeline of the event. I also got to role-play and save my belongings. I saved an apple and a picture in my trunk because I need food to live and the picture was if someone died I could remember them.” – Year 2

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