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Rainforest creatures visit Year 2

As part of our Year 2 topic ‘Saving the Rainforest’ the we had a visit from Dave from Raptorxotics to see a variety of exotic and wonderful creatures. We got to meet some beautiful creatures such as a leech, a giant stick insect, giant snails, gekos and even a small owl.

Dave told us about the harpey eagle who loves to eat sloths and is an apex predator. We saw a giant cockroach from Madagascar and a blue-tongued lizard that had really small legs and holes at the side of its head for ears.

We were surprised to touch and hold a king snake that felt cold but not at all slimy! Some of us were a little apprehensive to hold the creatures but we soon overcame our fears.

There was one animal that we weren’t allowed to hold however because it had a sting at the end of it’s tail. The scorpion looked amazing under UV light and was a vibrant blue.

We also discussed the importance of the rainforests to animals and humans. Many of the plants that grow there contain poisons and ingredients for many of our modern medicines. We had an amazing experience and proudly challenged ourselves, by holding new and exciting animals!

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