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Sound Detectives

In Science this week we were using our sense of hearing to listen to the sounds around us.

Ellie Elephant (Collaboration)

Ellie Elephant (Collaboration)

We went into the playground to listen to and note down the sounds that we could hear and the source (where it came from). We could hear a telephone ringing, the gates closing, children laughing, cars passing by, aeroplane engines and the sound of a spray bottle being used by our premises officer.

We then made a circle to do a test using our ears. One child sat in the middle with a blindfold whilst a child hit a triangle instrument that was sat in the circle.

The child that was blindfolded covered one ear and had to point to where the sound was coming from. We did the test again but this time with both ears uncovered.

To make it a fair test we repeated it by taking turns because different people hear better than others.

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