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Year 4 High 5 Netball Festival 16/10/18

On Tuesday the 16th of October a group of nine Year 4 children attended a High 5 Netball Festival at Sydenham High School.  It was very exciting visiting a school with great sport facilities, and meeting other children who are interested in Netball from other local primary schools.

The team rotated around three learning stations that aimed to develop key skills used in Netball. All of the activities were fun, yet challenging. We started at the Footwork Station, then moved on to the Shooting, and finished and the Ball Skills and Passing.

The children enjoyed putting their learnt skills into play at the end of the festival, when we competed against other schools in umpired matches. It was difficult to remember where different positions were allowed to go, and remember not to move our landing food when we had the ball. We did however manage to make many successful passes, and were able to defend well against some of the opposing teams attacking play. The team intend to continue practicing back at school so that they become more confident as the year goes on.

“It has been the best day ever and I really want to keep playing Netball now. I can’t believe that I managed to score a goal, that was my favourite part”  (Blessing, Yr 4) 


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