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4th Place Position Achieved @ Sports Hall Athletics Finals! 13/11/18

Congratulations to our Year 3&4 Athletics Squad who came 3rd place at the Sports Hall Athletics Lewisham Borough morning competition! A squad of 18 children participated in the competition on Tuesday the 13th of November at Prendergast Ladywell School. The results from our morning competition were merged with the results from the afternoon competition, revealing that overall Rathfern came in 4th place.

We would have loved to have medaled, but are proud with our performance, beating so many other Lewisham schools! Most of all we had a fantastic morning, and enjoyed using our skills in a competitive environment.

Children participated in a range of track and field events including relay sprints, hurdle races, the long jump and and the javelin throw. It was wonderful to see the team supporting each other and sharing words of encouragement with their peers and pupils from other schools.

It was good to meet other children who like athletics from other schools. I feel that I did very well at the competition today, my favourite event was sprinting in the relays. I would like to take part in this competition again next year!

Christopher Yr 3

Have a look at some of the events that we competed in…


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