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Change4Life Club Make Healthy Smoothies!

Today Change for life Club made delicious fruit smoothies during their lunch break. After previously voting on their favourite fruits, they chose a selection of fruit from those that were voted the most popular. Children then decided whether or not they wanted to add some milk to their smoothie to create a thicker consistency. The final step was to put it all in the blender and give it a good whizz!

Children experimented mixing different combinations of fruits together to create different flavours, and some children tried fruits that they don’t usually eat. Children sat together and enjoyed their smoothies while discussing which healthy recipes they may like to have a go at next!

we were astonished at how quick and easy it was to make the smoothies, and the children agreed that it was something that they could definitely try out at home. What a great alternative to a high calories snack or drink with lots of added sugar!

Take a look at us making our smoothies…

A big thank you to our Change For Life Ambassadors who have been running exercise clubs for their younger peers this year, and are doing a great job developing and supporting initiatives to improve the overall heath and fitness levels of our school community.

For more information about Change for Life and lots of quick and healthy recipe ideas please visit:

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