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Fire Project 1

Creative Projects

Children in Year 2 used their creative skills to make their projects at home. Take a moment to look at their unique, independent masterpieces and read about how they made them.



“My mum helped me with my project. We made a boat with a cradle. I used cardboard paint, sticks and some paper. I put an ‘M’ on the front because my Dad said I’m driving the boat.” – Moreena

A 3D Model of London on Fire

“I created the Great Fire of London by creating an arch using a Cocopops box and cut out red and orange and gold for the fire. The River Thames has a flip up with London Bridge over it.” – Dylan

Picture of the River Thames with boats

“Me and my sister created a representation of the Great Fire of London. We used blue paint and made waves. We created some patterns and made paper boats.” – Khadijat

Fact file on the Great Fire of London

“I found out facts on my iPad about the Great Fire of London. I found out that Samuel Pepys wrote a diary in special writing because he did not want anyone to read it as it was a secret.” – Angel

Houses on Pudding Lane

“I made my project by getting some paper and I did paintings of the fire. I then cut out some houses and stuck them on. I did the river with reflections of the houses on the water. Then I put it around a jar and on top of a scooter wheel and then I put a light on it.” – Elsie

Houses on fire

“I made it with some boxes and covered it with some boxes and covered it with paper and then I decorated it with some red. We made the windows and the doors. I used tissue paper for the fire.” – Asher

Pudding Lane

“First I got my mums shoe box and then we made the houses out of my mums coconut drink. After we put black card for the timber and we used some extra for the doors. We did some drawing at the back. I wrote some facts and after we put tissue paper for the fire. I used my dog fan to make the fire move.” – Zhong-Hao



“It’s made from an egg pot and I used a green egg pot to make the seats. I used cardboard to make the ores. I then covered the boat in paper and my brother helped me to colour it with a brown pen.” – Iman

Wooden house on Pudding Lane

“I got the boxes from IKEA and then my grandma bought some felt and some brown card for the door. I cut them out in different shapes for the beams. I got a white piece of card and used a brown pen to do the criss crosses. I finished by putting the roof on the top. I also got a plain lollipop stick to place a sign on for Pudding Lane”. – Minnie

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