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Performer Reflections


Ollie Owl (Reflection)

Year 2 wanted to share some of their reflections on learning their lines and performing on stage to a sea of people in the audience.

Learning lines:

‘I used my imagination to draw pictures and wrote them out so that when I said my lines I could imagine them. – Kelvina

‘At home my brother and my mum helped me to learn my lines.’ – Ibrahim

‘Every night before I went to sleep I would read through my lines.’ – Emir

‘I learnt my lines with my mum. She would say one of my friends parts so I knew what to say next.’ – Talyn

‘I learnt my lines on my own before I came to school.’ – Markiyan

‘I wrote them in my diary. I read them every morning and every night. I also read them out loud and thought about the audience.’ – Chika

‘I had a script. I didn’t use it, but followed it. I had it just in case I didn’t remember my lines, but I did remember the order and knew when to say my lines.’ – Minnie

Performing on stage:

‘When performing you need to project your voice so that everyone can hear you.’ – Dylan

‘I was happy because I saw my mum and I really enjoyed performing the ‘Funky Camel’ song. I loved putting up the Clap, Cheer and Boooo cards because the audience followed what I put up. – Jacob

‘I was looking at my mum and it made me happy.’ – Iman

‘I felt confident because I projected my voice. Sometimes I used actions. When I kept reading my lines I got more confident and the parents could hear me.’ – Mercy

‘When I was coming on the stage I felt a bit nervous and I freaked out because there were lots of parents looking at me. My legs were wobbling, but I could hear my friends cheering me on. I said to myself… Nasra you can do this! – Nasra

‘There were nearly 100 people. It felt scary! You have to be confident. If you feel scared you just have to get on and do it! – Amari

‘As I turned around my heart started beating really fast because there were lots of parents and friends. I looked at my aunty and I felt happy.’ – Kadijah

‘When you’re performing in front of a lot of people it’s not that scary. You can’t speak really quietly.’ – Ailsa

‘I felt nervous and happy. I didn’t want to laugh on stage, as that would ruin the show. When I did my twirl I just smiled and it made me feel happy.’ – Hareem

‘My mum and dad told me that people learn their lines by reading them in the morning and before bed. I would read them first thing in the morning and just before bed. My dad also helped me and would say the lines before mine and then I said my lines.’ – Sophia

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