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Rathfern Rainforest

Year 2 was once again enthralled by an amazing workshop led by Dave from Raptorxotics.

We learnt about the habitat of animals that live in the rainforest from the Forest floor all the way up to the Emergent layer. We found out that most plants live up high in the treetops because the umbrella of the canopy layer does not allow sunlight to reach the bottom.

‘I found out that lizards can jump from one tree another.’ – Shanuki

‘I enjoyed when we got to feel the snake because it felt scaly underneath when it moved.’ – Harry

‘I did not know that owls twist their heads clockwise and they have 14 bones in their necks, whereas humans only have 7.’ – Kelvina

‘When I saw the gecko I was surprised because it did not blink and it had no eyelids.’ – Mercy

Some of us overcame our fears and touched Madagascan Hissing cockroaches, a leech, a Bearded lizard, a Beauty snake, a gecko, and we got to look closely at a tarantula.

Did you know that every week more than 100 different kinds of animals and plants become extinct? Some have not even been discovered yet.

“We only have one world to share, so it is important that we look after it.” – Zhong-Hao

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