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Victorian Experience

‘Last week when we came in, our classroom looked very different. I felt shocked! Where was the carpet? It had gone! We had to pick names at random from a pot. My name was Abigail. We started off with Arithmetic,  seated in rows of 4. Girls on one side and boys on the other – we did not sit together.’ – Sophia

‘I was really surprised because it was a Victorian classroom. I liked how we changed our names. My name was Edwina.’ – Tofunmi

‘I saw tables were separated. The interactive whiteboard was covered with black sugar paper. The teachers had different names. I felt excited! – Elsie

‘I enjoyed doing arithmetic because I liked when we all were doing our times tables and subtraction.’ – Danny

‘I liked when we recited our times tables and writing the poem.’ – Ariana

‘We were told to write a poem that went like this:

Good better best,

Never let it rest,

Til your good is better,

And your better best.

Miss Elizabeth was strict and very scary.

We wrote on slates with chalk.’ – Juwairiyah

‘We were writing a lot and the teacher was really strict. We barely even talked. It felt horrible because we had to be silent.’ – Labib

‘We did some drill (exercise) in the playground. The main two movements were attention and stand easy. We had to keep doing it over and over again because everyone kept on doing it wrong.’ – Nasra

‘After, we had a hand inspection and this was my favourite part. I felt excited and it was really fun! Miss Williams tapped the table with her cane and said ‘Turn,’ that means you need to turn your hands over to the other side to be inspected.‘- Hareem

‘After lunchtime we did some Geography about the 7 continents and the 5 oceans.’ – Khadijat

‘I enjoyed making the peg dolls because we got to dress them up how we wanted to. Mine had a scarf and a cape, with a light pink dress.’ – Ivy

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