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Tearful 3

Teddy Bear Picnic

At the end of last term in English we wrote diary entries in role as the Tearful Teddy Bear. We used role play to immerse ourselves into the emotions of the bear who was feeling lonely and blue.


We also sang the tearful teddy’s song:

‘Po-o-o-o-or me… po-o-o-o-or ME…

Poor little sad little wet little ME…

I’m a Lonely Only Bear and I’m feeling very blue….’

Hazel and Cherry Blossom class had a Teddy Bear’s picnic to cheer up the Tearful Teddy Bear! We all brought our teddy bears in from home to help cheer her up. We had a delicious French picnic with music set in the South of France. With our teddies, we tried mouth-watering food which included, chocolate chip brioche, baguettes with jam and sweet cakes. It was clear by the end of the picnic that the Tearful teddy was finally cheered up!

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