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Year 5 visit to the Tate Modern

Year 5 visited the Tate Modern this week. We loved the interactive Olafur Eliasson exhibition and enjoyed exploring the Turbine Hall, the Tanks and the Materials and Objects gallery.

In the Turbine Hall, we looked at Kara Walker’s 13-metre tall water fountain which explores the interconnected histories of Africa, America and Europe. We could see sharks, a boat, a pirate, a lady crying, the queen and people swimming in the water.


“I really enjoyed learning about Kara Walker, who is an African-American artist. The reason why I liked learning about her is because she tackled racism and was inspiring” – Godwin

“I enjoyed and found the Fons Americanus water fountain interesting because I learnt things that I didn’t know about slavery.” – Yanna

In the Olafur Eliasson exhibition, we saw his installations, sculptures, photography and painting. He uses interesting materials such as moss, water from glaciers, fog, light and reflective metals. His work is about nature, his homeland Iceland, geometry, and how we see, feel and shape the world around us.


“I enjoyed the fog because it was so realistic. It was like you were in a fire because of the colours and it was very warm.” – Joshua

“I enjoyed getting saturated by water under the rain machine because I saw a rainbow and I liked the sensation of getting wet under the mist.” – Cassius


“My favourite part was the fog room because it had beautiful, colourful lights and it was fun because you couldn’t see so you needed to hold each others shoulders. It felt like you were blind.” – Pippa


“I liked sketching all the sculptures, they were so cool. I was sketching a big sculpture of blinds in thousands of squares.” – Maya


“I enjoyed the materials room because it was really interesting to see and draw the different objects you could make art with. I was suprised at how many objects you could call art.” – Chajettha





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