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Year 3/4 FitFest – 5/12/19

Today, ten Year 3 & 4 children attended the Lewisham School FitFest. FitFest festivals are all about getting active, developing key skills, and having lots of fun while doing it!

Todays FitFest was focused on Active Maths. Children participated in games and activities that challenged them both physically and mentally, combining exercise and skill development with maths problems solving. Activities included the coordinate bean bag throw, the number sentence dash, the stopwatch time trial, and a Maths treasure hunt.

We will be teaching some of our favourite games to our teachers back at school with an aim to increase physical activity levels in maths lessons.

Have a look at what we got up to…

Rathfern also had four Year 5 leaders attend the FitFest. These children were selected to run some of the events at the festival with the younger children. The Lewisham Sports Coordinator came into school earlier in the week to run a training sessions with the leaders so that they felt confident in leading the activities.

The leaders did an amazing job, encouraging and maintaining the attention of the younger children, and ensuring their instructions were simple and clear for them to follow.

The leaders were presented medals for their fantastic efforts.

Have a look at them in action…

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