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A-Z School Games Challenge – Letter A


A is for Athletics


We’re kicking off our A-Z Challenge with an Athletics Speed Bounce Challenge!

You will need:
Something to make a line on the floor (a skipping rope or piece of string works well)
Someone to time you
We recommend using a soft floor like a grassy area or a thick carpet

How to do it:
1. Stand next to your line
2. When the timer says “GO” jump sideways across the line with your feet together
3. Count how many jumps you can do in 30 seconds
4. Try again and see if you can beat your score!

Make it easier:
💡Step one foot at a time instead of jumping with to feet
💡Ask an adult to hold your hands while you jump or hold on to something steady

Make it harder:
💡 Make a small barrier to jump over (make sure that this is safe and stable) or just pick your knees up higher when you jump
💡 Increase the length of time that you have to jump
💡 Try hopping or other types of jump

  •  Let us know how you get on – What is your best score? How much did you improve? What tips do you have to help people achieve their personal best?


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