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Debate Mate – UDL round 1

Rathfern pupils attended the first Urban Debate League round at Rotherhithe School where they participated in two debates. Each speech was 3 minutes in length where they spoke about unknown topics. There were a total of 6 schools in this round that they competed against and won both debates.

A summary of the day by Hong-Zhou

When it was time to start the debate we went into the hall and the host announced the motion, the teams and who you would be debating against. The first topic was ‘This House Would Ban Zoos’ where our side won on side opposition. After the first debate was finished, we all went to the dinner hall and had a snack. Once it was time for the next debate, the motion was announced: This House Would Ban Children From TV On Weekdays. The results were in and we won our second debate. Everyone had wide grins which they wore all the way back to school”.

UNCRC article 12: The right to an opinion and to be taken seriously.


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