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Super sentences for home learning!

Hello to all Reception children. We hope that you have had a productive first week learning from home! I just want to remind you of the rules when writing your super sentences at home.

  1. Always start your sentence with a capital letter. Places, names, titles and the tricky word “I” also have a capital letter.
  2. Finger spaces! Always use a finger space in-between your words.
  3. Sound out your words using your phonics knowledge. Use the phonics mat that I have attached to this post to help you.
  4. Now to write your word. Remember Birch class, when we hold our pens or pencils, we “Pinch and put to bed!”
  5. Then when our sentence is finished, we use a full stop.

Well done Reception. We are all super proud of you all. Keep up the good work!


One Response to Super sentences for home learning!

  1. Mehwish March 30 at 7:40 pm #

    Thank you for sharing

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